Our USPs

Yield Distribution

Surplus earned by the platform to be shared in the form of mileage yield with each ICO participant in the proportion of their holding, every quarter. It’ll be made sure that each and every member associated with the platform is monetarily applauded for the trust and support in the system.

Token Burning

Un-acquired tokens to be burned at the end of every 3-month to add further value to the existing ones in circulation.

Token Buyback

We @ Coliseum also offer an option to purchase back the tokens from any holder that is willing to liquidate his/her position

Promotions and Referrals

A mechanism to get upto 4% extra tokens by spreading and helping to build the Coliseum platform. This will allow to make extra Tokens with no extra cost.




A Open Platform for our Participators

Post sign-up, user will be have full-fledged access to all sections of the Coliseum portal, including generally restricted/investment specific areas.

Multi-currency acceptance system, thus making it possible for users from any part of the globe to connect to the community.

Opportunity for artists and cinema-related service providers as well to earn the COM tokens via their performances.

Access to offline activities of the platform as well.

Smart contract based escrow system to infuse 100% transparency into the system.


Token Symbol


Total TOKENS Supply

99.999 M

Pre-Sale Started

20 Mar, 2021

Pre-Sale Ended

9 Apr, 2021

Pre-Sale Supply

0.999 M

Sold in Pre-Sale

0.994 M

Pre-Sale Price

$ 0.0533 USD

Next Sale Starts

21 May, 2021

Next Sale Ends

26 Jun, 2021

Next Sale Supply

29.999 M

ICO Token Sale Price

$ 0.16493 USD


2020 Q3 Concept
  • Idea Initiate
  • Team Assemble
  • Technical Workouts
  • Shortlisting Experts
  • Final Discussion
2020 Q4 Research
  • Budgetary Discussion
  • Evaluating Funding Option
  • Concluding on Token as Funding Option
  • Token Generation Initiated
  • Basics of ICO Fundamentals Initiated
2021 Q1 Team Building
  • Social Media Presence
  • Development Team Evaluated
  • Development Team Finalized
  • Digital Marketing Team Evaluated
  • Digital Marketing Team Finalized
  • Pre-Launch Token Sale
2021 Q2 Token Sale
  • Media Spread Initialized
  • Token Sale will Begin
  • ICO Burning Event
2021 Q3 Formalities
  • Listing into Exchanges
  • Legal Formalities Initiated
  • Company Establishment Initiated
2021 Q4 Project Initiated
  • Banking Formalities Initiated
  • Offline Shortlisting Initiated
  • Production Project Initiated
2022 Q1 Marketing
  • Marketing and PR Team Hiring for Platform
  • Technical Review of Platform
2022 Q2 Alpha Test
  • In-house Regressive Testing
  • Alpha Test of Platform
2022 Q3 Beta Test
  • Beta Test of Platform
  • Marketing Strategies of Platform will be created
2022 Q4 Community Benefits
  • Coliseum Community Platform will be Live
2023 Q1 Platform Integration
  • Merger of Offline Production with Coliseum Platform
  • Support Team Hiring will be Evaluated
  • Marketing Strategy Stage-I will be initiated
  • Onboarding Support Team
2023 Q2 More Operational
  • Community Managers will be Nominated
  • Community Managers will be Appointed
  • Marketing Strategy Stage-II will be initiated
  • Further Roadmap will be planned


White Paper (2021)
Technical Document (2021)

Our Partners


david williams
David Williams
Dustin Weeks
Jesus Mendoza
Jesus Mendoza
Melissa Harrell
Melissa Harrell
Co-Founder - PR/Social Media Expert
Benjamin Hardway
Benjamin Hardway
Co-Founder - CTO