Slide Snag Discovered Craftsmen and other group individuals are missing of an equivalent work. On the other hand Film Makers like Producers and Directors are always in need of the new talent, but everyone is grappling.
Slide Purpose Conceived Everybody in the Industry needs an edge to get athwartship between light emissions abilities to acquire from their capacities. Producers and Directors needs to be updated with an unexplored proficiency. Slide Tokenisation A point of these sort regularly required tremendous ventures to support its situation on a worldwide scale. However, the most political way was crowdfunding and the most ideal choice for that is ERC20 based symbolic arrangement with stack-holding yield benefits


With this token, the coliseum community aims at bringing together artists from across the globe and encouraging talent that would make a difference.


Ethereum ERC-20 is a well known block chain technology, which is backing Coliseum token. That makes it proof-of-stack tokens. Purchase of tokens will be used ETH and USDT (TRC20)

Token Features.


Promotions and Refferal.

A mechanism to get upto 4% extra tokens by spreading and helping to build coliseum platform. This will allow to make extra Coliseum Tokens.


Buy Back.

Worry about token not getting listed on the exchange or not satisfied with returns? Don't worry, we, at Coliseum, are providing an exit method, called 'Buy Back'. Where Coliseum will initiate buy back every quarter.


Yield Distribution.

Yes, Coliseum is not a traditional token where you can earn profits by selling on trading platform only. Coliseum will share the profits, generated from the online platform to all token initial holders. Who purchased tokens in Presale and ICO.



To manage supply and increase price over trading platform, Coliseum will burn tokens, returned through buyback and collected as fees over the online coliseum platform.

Our Plans After Fundings

Platform Development.

a Launchpad - Which will give abilities to the skilled artists

Offline Production

prior to dispatching a Launchpad, you will be in business already

Worldwide ride out

a Launchpad will be at your disposal

Yield Circulations

you continue to get yield once a Launchpad is on

Concept Visualisation.

Our Partners & Listings.



    An ICO to expand horizons and build new bridges! Leading the way in the entertainment biz. A budding film production unit to finance, produce, market, and distribute films.

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