About Us

About Coliseum

We are a next-generation entertainment and movie community focused on leveraging the blockchain technology, proprietary applications, and digital assets. Our objective is to bring the world of movie and entertainment shows by eliminating the barriers of borders, language, and others operational hurdles. To get to that, we have floated this ICO to provide an opportunity to cinema enthusiasts from all across the globe, to be a part of this entertainment revolution in the making. Add to that, the whole architecture of Coliseum is built on the Ethereum ecosystem, means we have got 100% secures smart-contracts in place, an incorruptible system, and a rapid transaction speed.


The architects of our community at Coliseum hold a comprehensive and power-packed track record of involvement in numerous production associations that have delivered mindboggling results and high degree of engagement with the audience. They have built this platform to give the whole concept of film production become more transparent via the beauty of blockchain, and that’s why this ICO. The investors/stakeholders, or the registered token holders, will become a component of our growing community and earn the profits in proportion of their holdings along with other parallel participants.

Our Mission

Utilize the blockchain technology to build a decentralized finance based ecosystem for the film-making industry.

Coliseum will also ensure that both the creators within the community as well as the typical fan base associated are handsomely rewarded for the participation, throughout the life cycle.

Our Vision

Build a creative, diverse, and global community-cum-platform of cinema enthusiasts, fully transparent, evolving, and unmatchable in its domain.


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David Williams
Dustin Weeks
Jesus Mendoza
Jesus Mendoza
Melissa Harrell
Melissa Harrell
Co-Founder - PR/Social Media Expert
Benjamin Hardway
Benjamin Hardway
Co-Founder - CTO
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Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is ICO?

ICO is basically a short form of Initial Coin Offering, during this period Developers, Community Directors or Owners will accumulate their preferred cryptocurrencies from the participants and in exchange will offer their Token which can be later used as Utility, can be exchanged against other cryptocurrencies on privately owned exchanges or on a Swapping tool like UNI or Pencakeswap.

Well, that is entirely depends on a Team of Developers of the Tokens, which cryptocurrencies they are willing to accept.

All of the ICO will have different market strategies, mostly if you read it carefully, Instructions must have given into the website of the respective ICO.

Mostly All ICOs main purpose is the fundraising, Developers are raising funds in the form of cryptocurrencies and in an exchange, they offer them their own token and then those tokens will have their own economy according to the rules of supply and demand on decentralized way. Developers does not have control over it, To understand the benefit you must go through the detailed documentations of the ICOs, by which you will be able to decide that if you would like to participate in ICO or not. You will mostly have to decide the future of that particular token’s demand and it’s supply.

Here, you need to understand one thing straight, that if you invest into something on its initial period, you will be able to get that on very bottom price, If you decide to invest in it on a later part, You may end up staking same tokens on higher price. So, decision is yours but you have to be sharp and wise, after reading the entire project if you think that it’s a good project, why to wait for it to reach on certain level and why not to jump into it from initial period itself, You might have left to participate during the time of Bitcoin OR ETH, Would you like to repeat the same mistake again?

What is ICO?

Coliseum has basically formed a community, which is basically a team of Producers & Directors, who have decided to merge Entertainment Industry to the Blockchain. By issuing a token the Community have decided to create an healthy economy dedicated to the Entertainment Industry and along with that community has also decided to create and implement a decentralized Platform for the people of the Industry.

Both, Coliseum Community has decided to issue tokens on both of the blockchain and have created same amount of supply on initial period with burning facility.

No, At the time of Distributions, Users will be asked to choose between one of the Blockchain, according to their preference Token Distribution will take place and rest of the tokens will be burned as per the plan mentioned into the ICO.

No, to the very opposite, Community has decided to burn additional supply on every quarter.

You first need to Signup with Username or with Google or Twitter ID, once you have signed up, you will be asked to enter your wallet addresses and in next screen, you will be asked to purchase / participate.

Community has decided to Accept Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB) or USDT (TRC20) in exchange of Coliseum (COM)

Yes, you can make payment from your exchange.

No, Exchanges are using shared wallets for their users where user doesn’t have any control over private keys, so If COM is not listed on particular exchange, you may lose your tokens.

COM tokens will be distributed amongst participants on their desired wallet address, It is advisable to use Metamask or any other Decentralized Wallet to accept COM tokens, Metamask and Binance Smart Chain both have extensions over Google Chrome browsers. Some Applications like Eidoo or Trust Wallets also supports Tokens by adding contract addresses.

Coliseum Contract Addresses can be found on the website’s Footer.