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Obstacles in the Entertainment biz

The entertainment industry is a megacorp with billions of people employed. Every year millions dream to become a part of this but fail to do so pertaining to a lot of issues. Filmmaking is a double-sided sword, it is an artistic avenue as well as a commercial giant. The industry has a reputation for being hard to break into, independent creators also have a disadvantage. Apart from these, there are many other factors that affect the smooth working of the industry.Some of the other factors may include:

  • Lack of Funds for independent creators:

Producing an audio-visual piece of content is an expensive affair. It may not look like a huge deal to mega-production houses but individual creators find it hard to raise funds and create masterpieces. For small production houses, it becomes difficult to keep up with the increasing costs of the production, and hence, we hardly see very much content produced by them.

  • Geographical Boundaries:

The geographical boundaries and the language barrier is not only a hindrance for the entertainment industry but it is also a root cause of issues in many industries. Although, thanks to the technologies that we own today this issue has become smaller as to what it was in the past, it still prevails and is quite a hurdle in the film industry.

  • Opportunities:

With a lot of things said about this one in the past, this issue has never ceased to exist in the industry. While it may seem that breaking into the business is an issue, but the real deal is to be able to get enough opportunities to survive in this industry. Industry conflicts, politics, groups, favoritism, nepotism, etc. have a huge role to play. With fewer opportunities, one can hardly show their potential to its fullest.

While these are only some of the factors that affect the smooth running of the industry but they can be considered as the strongest of them all. But, not all is lost because with the introduction of Coliseum Tokens there may be light at the end of the tunnel. Coliseum operates from a community of media stakeholders and eliminates the need for a middle man which will eventually obliterate many issues. The online community also helps in raising funds and be an empowering step for small business houses as well.

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